Pegasus Pest Solutions - Nat HagueHello and welcome to my Pegasus Pest Solutions website, my name is Nat and I am your local Pest Controller.

I am an Ex Military Carpenter (25 years in the Royal Engineers) so you will be working with a complete professional, who is reliable but most importantly you can trust.

I have high values and standards which I have brought with me from my previous Military experience, this means you can be confident you will only get the very best quality.

I keep my working area small (Portsmouth area postcodes only), which allows me to give a quality service to my many customers and also keeps my prices low.

Living with an uncontrolled pest problem is worrying and a concern. Uncontrolled numbers of any pest, whether insect, bird or rodent can spread disease as well as making you feel uncomfortable in your own home.

If you think you have a pest problem – Please get in touch.


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