Pegasus Pest Solutions - Nat HagueHello and welcome to my Pegasus Pest Solutions website, my name is Nat and I am your local Pest Controller (That is local to Portsmouth).

I am an Ex Military Carpenter (25 years in the Royal Engineers) so you will be working with a complete professional, who is reliable but most importantly you can trust.

I have high values and standards which I have brought with me from my previous Military experience, this means you can be confident you will only get the very best quality.

I keep my working area small (Portsmouth and surrounding area only), which allows me to give a quality service to my customers and also keeps my prices low.

Living with an uncontrolled pest problem is worrying and a concern. Uncontrolled numbers of any pest, whether insect, bird or rodent can spread disease as well as making you feel uncomfortable in your own home. Take your home back, let Pegasus Pest Solutions manage your Pest Control and ensure any Rats, Mice, Squirrels or Birds do not leave any Bugs or Mites behind !

Bedbugs and Fleas will not only bite you but will make you feel uncomfortable in your own home – the longer you leave them the worse the situation becomes. Don’t waste your money on store bought product, bring in a professional and ensure they ae removed.

If you think you have a pest problem – Please get in touch.


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